Part II Intermediate Topics

Chapter 9, Nonclass Types, discusses types that are not classes, including singleton types, limited types, and union types.

Chapter 10, Slots, focuses on slot getters and setters, techniques for initializing slots, different kinds of allocation of slots, virtual slots, and symbols.

Chapter 11, Collections and Control Flow, describes how to use collections, including strings, lists, vectors, tables, and arrays. It also shows how to use control-flow operators to alter the natural (sequential) order of statement execution, including performing iteration.

Chapter 12, Functions, describes the syntax of function calls, the function-calling protocol, and the uses of functions as objects.

Chapter 13, Libraries and Modules, shows how you can package your code into a reusable software component by designing libraries and modules.

Chapter 14, Four Complete Libraries, pulls together the techniques shown in Part II in the context of a set of complete working libraries.