11 Collections and Control Flow

A collection is a kind of container that can hold zero or more objects. In this chapter, we illustrate several useful built-in collections including strings, lists, vectors, arrays, and tables.

In Dylan, a collection is an instance of the built-in class <collection>. Dylan provides a rich set of collection classes, and a rich set of generic functions to iterate over and to manipulate instances of those classes. In addition to using the built-in collection classes, you can define new collection classes. We present an example of defining a new collection class in Chapter 16, Definition of a New

Control-flow functions enable you to alter the default (sequential) order of statement execution, including performing iteration. Dylan provides several ways of branching to different code depending on the value of one or more tests, as well as iterating over ranges of numbers and elements of collections.

In this chapter, we present collections and control flow together, because often Dylan control-flow constructs are used to operate on collections.