Chapter 1. Introduction

This document is a companion to the Gwydion Dylan ™ Maintainer's Manual. The Maintainer's Manual contains an overview of the compiler's overall design, and information about its use. This document, the d2c API Reference Manual, is simply a catalog and description of all the methods, classes and variables in d2c. In addition to the signature and overview, each method definition contains information about which variables and parameters are mutated. There may be some descriptions of algorithms in this document, but it is intended that that information be put in the Maintainer's Manual.

Each chapter comprises one library, and is broken down into subsections by module and then file.

Comments, corrections and additions are welcomed. This is intended to be a collaborative effort — your contributions are sorely needed. In particular, I'd like to ask that when you add or modify any definitions to d2c, that you add the documentation to this guide. The more people that work on this, the faster that it will get done.