In the process of working with Dylan, the Gwydion Project has come up with numerous extensions to the Dylan language. Some of them form entire libraries, like the Collection-Extensions and String-Extensions libraries. Others have been added to the Dylan library, in such modules as Extensions and System.

We continue to make no claims about future support for our extensions. However, some extensions are more likely than others to make it into our future compilers. This file documents those extensions which we think will be included in our compiler's Dylan library.

Extensions which go in separate libraries are documented in their own files; extensions which are part of the Mindy Dylan library but which have a less certain future are documented in the Mindy documentation.

For the remainder of this chapter, we shall refer to "Gwydion compilers" as a shorthand for "Mindy and other Dylan compilers that the Gwydion Project may write." It is not meant as a guarentee that all future Gwydion releases will support these extensions.

Specific Gwydion compilers may support extensions not listed here; see their documentation for details.