Chapter 4. Using the Melange Interface Generator

Table of Contents
A Concrete Example
Basic Use
Importing Header Files
Specifying Object Names
Type Definitions
Translating Object Representations
Other File Options
Function Clauses
Struct and Union Clauses
Pointer Clauses
Constant Clauses
Variable Clauses
Low level support facilities
Static linking mechanisms
Differences from Creole
Known limitations
Proposed modifications

The Melange interface generator provides a mechanism for providing access to native C code. It is modeled upon Apple Computer's Creole, and shares Creole's goals of automatically providing full support for a foreign interface based upon existing interface descriptions. It also, like Creole, provides mechanisms for explicitly adapting these interfaces to provide a greater match between C and Dylan data models.

Melange, however, differs from Creole in a number of significant ways. This document, therefore, provides a gentle introduction to Melange without attempting to build upon any existing descriptions of Creole.