A Sample Set of Libraries

Figure 6.1, “Dependencies Among the Stanard Mindy Libraries” and Table 6.1, “Standard Mindy Libraries and Modules” show the libraries included with mindy, a bytecode compiler produced as part of the Gwydion Project . Also shown are the dependencies between the libraries and the major modules contained within each. For more information on these libraries and their use, see the mindy documentation and source code.

Figure 6.1. Dependencies Among the Stanard Mindy Libraries

Dependencies Among the Stanard Mindy Libraries

Table 6.1. Standard Mindy Libraries and Modules

DylanDylanstandard Dylan
 ExtensionsMindy extensions
 Systemgeneral functions
 File-DescriptorsUNIX-style file support
 Threadsthreads and semaphores
 Hash-Tablesadditional table support
 Introspectionprogram examination
 Cheap-IObasic, unformatted I/O
 Externsupport for linking to C
 Transcendentaltrig and other math
Collection-ExtensionsHeapstandard heaps
 Self-Organizing-Listpoor man's hash table
 Vector-Searchsearch, replace support
 Subseqslices of sequences
 Sequence-Diffdiff” for sequences
String-ExtensionsString-Conversionsstrings to/from integers
 Character-Typesimilar to C's “ctype.h
 String-Hackinguseful string functions
 Substring-Searchsimilar to Perl
 Regular-Expressionssimilar to Perl
StreamsStreamsUNIX stream I/O
 Standard-IOthe 3 standard streams
 PrintGeneral object output
FormatFormatFormatted output
RandomRandomRandom distributions

The String-Extensions library, in particlar, contains a number of useful functions. It provides many of Perl's popular text-manipulation features.